Type of appliance

Nominal heat output




Flue diameter

Fuel type

Clearance to combustibles at side

Clearance to combustibles at rear


Nineteen percent!

In the same week as the launch of our updated website comes the shock announcement from Scottish Power that the price they charge for gas is to rise from August 1st by a staggering 19%, with their “competitors” expected to follow suit in the weeks to come. The Government has used the announcement to push the case for greater investment in green power, which, ironically, is argued by many commentators to be the very cause of the hike in energy prices in the first place (due to the high cost of generating power from renewable sources.) Expect this circular argument to rumble on in the press for years to come.

Either way, high energy prices are here to stay, making now an ideal time to invest in an efficient modern wood-burning stove…