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25 Years in Sway


Some of our installers and staff outside the Wood Burning Centre in Sway

This month we are celebrating our 25th year in the Old School House on Church Lane in Sway.

Previously run-down and threatened with demolition, the Old School House was transformed into a large and well-appointed stove showroom by Peregrine and Fiona Bruce when the business outgrew its old premises in Brockenhurst. 

Now full to the rafters with stoves (ten of them in use with chimneys), baskets, fireplaces and the full plethora of fireside accessories, it is now one of the best places in the United Kingdom to find out about the simple joys of wood-burning and to benefit from the accumulated wisdom of our highly experienced staff (or just to warm up and have a chat on a chilly day!)

With four full-time installation teams, three estimators and showroom and warehouse staff, the business is now deeply integrated into the local community, and our liveried vans are a familiar sight to the denizens of Sway and the surrounding forest, where we have installed thousands of wood-burning stoves.

 “We feel very much a local company”, says Fiona, who often opens up the building to house exhibitions by everyone from the Sway Art Club to the local knitting association, as well as welcoming  current school children (and vintage alumni) to visit as they look back at the history of the village.

To mark our 25th year this October, we are making stove-cooked bacon butties for customers who catch us at a quiet moment…