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Flue diameter

Fuel type

Clearance to combustibles at side

Clearance to combustibles at rear


Wood-burning stoves in 'The Oldie'



Wood burning stoves in ‘The Oldie’


We at the Woodburning Centre loved Giles Wood’s Oldie column extolling the virtues of wood-burning stoves, which “tick every box, being sustainable, eco-friendly, and powered by non-fossil fuels.”

His article touches on the gradually rising price of logs, and on the inflammatory subject of whether or not stoves are ‘common’ (to be contrasted with the Potlatch-like wastefulness of the financially incontinent for whom only an open fire will do). Needless to say, his own sympathies point in a sensible direction:

“As such a recent convert, I am messianic. You do not know the meaning of the word ‘cozy’ until you experience for yourself the flickering flames dancing inside the glass portal. With no spitting embers, the pleasure is atavistic in essence. It’s the triumph of having contained man’s most dangerous enemy and making it work for you…Fresh research on sunspot activity suggests a possible return to a mini ice age or ‘Maunder Minimum’, the period when the Thames froze. These stoves could soon become not only desirable, but essential household survival items. With heating oil at risk of freezing, and power lines damaged, it would make sense for householders with an acre or two to plant oak, ash and sweet chestnut for fuel. While it matures, they can argue all day, as we do, about whether wood-burning stoves are ‘common’ or not.”

Reproduced as an extract by kind permission of The Oldie Magazine: from ‘House Husbandry’ by Giles Wood, January 2012 edition.