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Clearview stoves celebration


 Clearview Celebration

On Friday 10th and Saturday 11th February, we will be hosting a celebration of Clearview stoves, 25 years old this year.

These extraordinary multi-fuel stoves, in production since 1987, revolutionised stove design and sent the competition reeling back to the drawing board. While many manufacturers now incorporate some imitation of Clearview technology - tiptoeing as carefully as they can around patent infringement – none, in our opinion, surpasses the outstanding Clearview design that has essentially remained unchanged for the last 25 years.  Clearview Pioneer 400 woodburning stove

It is our preferred stove for many reasons, but the best advertisement is the thousands of happy customers who are still heating their homes with stoves we installed for them up to and over two decades ago. The astonishing longevity of these Clearview stoves is a result of the brilliant forward thinking of the initial structural design, the superb engineering proficiency and attention to detail that goes into the fabrication of every individual stove, and the holistically-inspired ubiquity of the replaceable parts.

Inspired by a passionate belief in quality and self-sufficiency, the Clearview stove was designed from the ground up to cope with the rigours of use and aging. For instance, the hot airwash technology - which ensures full and clean combustion of wood gases, prevents the browning of the glass and allows the legendary clear view of the fire - also contributes to the structural integrity of the stove’s body. Door handles and hinges are all adjustable so that the door will always be a snug fit. Perishable parts are all replaceable.

On an everyday level, we simply love our showroom Clearviews because on a miserable morning they light in an instant, heat us up in minutes, and can handle rough-cut lumps of timber that –thanks to our Gulfstream benefit – are never as dry as the harmonised European test fuels that – in a clear case of the tail wagging the dog - have influenced so much of subsequent stove design.

But the best thing is the knowledge that when we sell a Clearview, we know that we are giving the customer the ultimate in wood-burning technology for our actual temperate maritime climate.