Type of appliance

Nominal heat output




Flue diameter

Fuel type

Clearance to combustibles at side

Clearance to combustibles at rear


Fifty Shades of Black


50 Shades of Black


‘You can have any colour as long as it’s black,’ used to be the routine response to enquiries about the colour of wood burning stoves. Nowadays, however, there’s no need to submit to monochromania. Instead you can unleash your passion for colour, and explore the full sensory palette offered by a number of stove maufacturers.

Clearview offer a muted range of heritage-derived colours: subtle browns, blues and greens, and perhaps most popular, charcoal (grey!).

 Ivory Chesneys Barrington 8 stove in brick fireplace

Chesneys can offer, inter alia, a sophisticated ivory (about as practical as a suit of the same shade, but much admired for its looks) or a dense Atlantic blue or a warm Terracotta, while Stuv, as befits their image as a pusher of boundaries, will spice up your spectrum with their extensive “series of subtle and contemporary colours for its ready-to-fit fireplaces which blend in with the shades of the fire.” Like bright blue! Regardless, they look great.Stuv cladding for inset stove

Alternatively, you could just indulge your need for colour by working coloured tiles or paint into your fireplace design…with a black stove in the middle! Clearview Pioneer woodburner with purple chimney breast                Woodburning stove with coloured tiles