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This stove output calculator is designed to give you a rough idea of the size of multifuel or wood burning stove most appropriate to the volume of space you are trying to heat.

What size stove do you need?

Bear in mind that the actual heat output of a wood burning stove varies significantly while in use, depending on stoking intervals and other factors, and to achieve the mean heat requirement indicated by the selector tool, you may require a stove with about twice the indicated heat output.

Some of the other factors which will influence your eventual choice are: do you have central heating, and if so, do you wish your stove to simply provide additional heat, or are you hoping to make the central heating redundant in the relevant room on all but the coldest days? Do you have open staircases? Do you habitually leave doors open to the rest of the house? Are you a fresh-air fiend with windows permanently ajar? Do you spend all day at home, or do you need a stove that will quickly heat up a large space when you get home from work?

Whatever your requirements, our showroom staff will help you to hone your options down to the perfect choice of stove.

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