Type of appliance

Nominal heat output




Flue diameter

Fuel type

Clearance to combustibles at side

Clearance to combustibles at rear


Clearview stoves at 'The Pig'



Stoves at The Pig

 The Brockenhurst country house restaurant-hotel which used to be ‘Le Poussin’ has recently been overhauled to come back to life as 'The Pig'.

Clearview Pioneer at The Pig


As part of the improvements, we were asked to install two Clearview Pioneer woodburning stoves, one of which is pictured here, in the library.


At the heart of The Pig’s philosophy is a commitment to local produce, epitomised by their 25 mile menu, which seeks to source 80% of their fresh ingredients from the local area. This is a refreshing approach of which we heartily approve (and not only because we’re well inside their radius of commerce!).


We returned to take photos on a Monday afternoon; the car park was full, the restaurant just winding down from lunch, and gaggles of of sated guests were quietly ensconced in front of the numerous glowing fireplaces, lingering over coffee and digestifs. The whole place was gloriously toasty in the dry, dense and atavistic way that only wood-heating can afford.The Pig hotel-restaurant

And from the look of the wood wall that lines the driveway, The Pig has plenty of fuel to keep their Clearview stoves burning for a while yet…Log wall at The Pig