Type of appliance

Nominal heat output




Flue diameter

Fuel type

Clearance to combustibles at side

Clearance to combustibles at rear


The Burley Fireball stoves

We have been quietly impressed with the Burley Fireball stoves; the Hollywell model is pictured here, and is marketed as the world’s most efficient wood burning stove.

It is top-flue only and wood-burning only, and takes a while to warm up initially, but performance and fuel economy are superb once it is up to temperature.

While the glass does not stay as crystal-clear as on a Clearview, deposits on the glass burn off when the stove reaches its remarkably high operating temperature, affording a good view of the idiosyncratic cyclonic flame pattern.

The door handle is made of oak which stays cool enough to touch and so far, appears to be working well (earlier versions were prone to splitting).

A pragmatic and minimalist design, the Burley is also British, made in England and DEFRA-approved for use in smokeless zones, and when correctly installed and run is an exciting prospect. As with any new product, the reliability has yet to be established, but one imagines that Burley will have extensively road-tested their stove before releasing it. 

Burley Fireball wood burning stove