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New Chilli Penguin plinths underline a general trend towards taller stoves

The news from Chilli Penguin this year is that all their models will now be available on plinths, which in this case means replacing the legs with a log store. This is their Penguin 8, the big brother of the family:Chilli Penguin 8 stove with logstand

 The advantages of raising the height of the firebox are manifold: it lifts the fire horizon closer to the eye-level of an armchair-sitter, for a more pleasurable viewing experience; it allows for the storage of a good quantity of kindling under the stove; stoking requires less knee-bending for the tall or tired, and not least, it can often improve the proportions of the stove, making narrow and elegant what previously appeared squat and dumpy, viz the eponymous Tall Fat Penguin:Red Chilli Penguin stove with oven and logstore

Historically, the lintel height of fireplaces has created a Procrustean prerogative in British stove design where leg length is truncated to suit.

However, increasingly, customers are living in houses without chimneys or are simply choosing to put stoves where they need them rather than where the architect decreed they should go. Freed of the shackles of fireplace dimensions, a large, and increasing, proportion of stove installations involve taller free-standing stoves in conjunction with twinwall flue. Additionally, as the space above a free-standing stove is effectively redundant, and because a 600mm-high stove might appear ill-proportioned with 1700mm of visible fluepipe above it, taller stoves with greater physical presence are the obvious choice. 

Ergo the appearance of increasing numbers of retrofits of existing models with log stores of varying heights.

Clearview Stoves have long been well-represented by the 400P and the Solution models; Chesney's, having already brought out log store versions of their Shoreditch stove, have recently introduced the Salisbury 5LS:Chesney's Salisbury 5LS wood burning stove