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New stoves from Chesney’s

Spring is the time for new life, even in a seasonally inverted industry like ours.

Never slow to churn out new products, Chesney’s have unveiled some interesting new models for 2014.

Headlining are the double-sided 10kW Salisbury stove, and the punchy 12kW, both exploring new territory for the stove and fireplace manufacturer. The stove world is full of double-sided beasts that are all talk and no trousers, so it will be interesting to see how Chesney’s have dealt with the significant technical challenges involved in keeping two glass doors clean while pumping out 10kW and maintaining 75% efficiency.

The more conventional 12kW (nominal 10.8kW) wood burning model simply expands their offering to encompass more serious space-heating.A Chesney's wood burning stove in a fireplace

More modest is the addition of a nicely-proportioned log-store model to the 5-series woodburner from the Salisbury range, but perhaps the most interesting of the bunch is the Milan 4 Passive stove, which has been designed to meet the specific need for a stove which can be installed in a new-build property with highly proscribed air permeability. Not only does the stove retain all the performance criteria of the original Milan 4, but with the provision of a dedicated external air supply, Chesney’s promise that effectively no smoke will spill during stoking as the stove becomes sealed by a curtain of air as soon as the door is opened.diagram of the air circulation inside Chesney's Milan 4 Passive wood burner

This is obviously an excellent performance characteristic for homes built according to the modern enviro-diktat where there is almost no air replacement, and lays down the gauntlet to other manufacturers who might hope to compete in this young but growing niche market.