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How to replace the door rope on your Clearview Stove

Relacing the door rope on your Clearview stove is a simple procedure. Clearview produce replacement rope kits for all their stove doors, which we carry on the shelf, and which include the rope, cut to length, with the ends bound to prevent fraying, and adhesive in a tube, but you can also buy separately glue and rope off the reel and cut it yourself. In this guide, we are using the Clearview kit on the door of the smallest Clearview, the Pioneer 400, which shares a door with the 400P and the Solution 400. The process is exactly the same for the Vision 500 or Solution 500, the slightly larger single-door stoves. The principles are the same for the double-door models - the 650 and 750 - with a little variation. In any case, comprehensive instructrions are enclosed with the rope kits, but we thought this pictorial guide might be useful.

Firstly, you will need to remove the door of the stove. Open the door and, holding it at the bottom, wiggle it gently back and forth while lifting, and the door pins will ease up out of the hinge blocks. Lay the door face down on a soft, stable surface. Because the hinge pins are built to be able to rotate (to improve the door seal if the rope has worn thin), we always fix them in position while the door is detached so that they cannot move in the interim. A dry-cleaner's coathanger is ideal for the job; just unwind it and poke it through the two hinges to keep them aligned while you are working on the door.

hinge blocks on a Clearview Pioneer stove

Next, peel out the old rope and scour out the channel to remove all fragments of the old rope and glue.

cleaning out the rope channel on a Clearview Pioneer stove door

Then unpack your rope kit, check it is the right length and see how it is going to fit before you even think about opening the glue! One end of the rope is mitred; start with the squared end, finish with the oblique cut, as below:

checking the length of a new rope for a Clearview Pioneer stove door

Once cleaned out, the rope channel should look something like this:

cleaned-out rope channel on a Clearview Pioneer stove door

Apply a continuous bead of the adhesive mastic to the rope channel.applying mastic to the rope channel of a Clearview stove door

applying mastic to stove door

Start fitting the rope from the square-cut end, as in the picture below. Just push it gently down into the glue. Don't worry if you make a mistake; it won't set straight away, but fiddling with the rope once you've started can get messy, so it pays to get it right the first time.

fitting the rope to a Clearview stove door

follow round the shape of the door and return across the middle:

fitting the rope to a Clearview door.

The mitred end of the rope should meet the corresponding bend neatly. If the rope seems slightly too long or short, wiggle it backwards or forwards so that it fits properly. There should be enough stretch and compression to allow you to ease it into place.

ending with the mitred end of the rope

For a neat finishing touch, gently lift the two cut ends, one at a time, and apply a dab of adhesive before tamping back into place. This binds the end of the rope and ensures a really good seal.

applying glue to the cut ends of the rope

Hey presto. Leave the glue to dry for an hour or so, then re-hang the door, and away you go.

new door rope fully fitted to a Clearview Pioneer stove door