Choosing a suitable stove in conjunction with a twinwall flue system

A twinwall flue system allows you considerable flexibility in positioning your stove, but different locations can present different requirements from a woodburner. You will need to find a compatible stove. Happily, we usually have something to fit the bill...

New - coffee logs for burning in your stove

Heat logs made from recycled coffee grounds, for sale from today.

No chimney, no problem, some further thoughts...

Diagrams of external and internal flue arrangements using twinwall flue pipe (for illustration purposes only) and reflections on the pros and cons.

The clean air strategy and your wood burning stove.

Don't panic! Read our summary of the new strategy here...

New product - Geocast imitation-oak beams

New this winter - hollow geocast beams, visually indistinguishable from oak

Wood burning stoves in literature, the meaning of fire, and the silences in between, Part 3.

On modern despond, what we can learn from people with simpler technologies, and how a stove could help you break the cycle of datafication.

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