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The clean air strategy and your wood burning stove.

Following a recent deluge of enquiries from customers on the subject of the government’s policy on wood burning stoves, we are keen to clarify the situation as we understand it:

  • No, the government is not going to ban stoves.
  • No, the government is not going to place any supplementary tax on stoves or stove users.
  • Yes, the Ecodesign guidance for stoves is due to come into effect from 2022, with requirements for all stoves sold from that date.
  • No, there is no suggestion that these criteria will apply retrospectively to previously-sold stoves.
  • Many of the stoves we sell already meet the Ecodesign criteria, and all the manufacturers we represent are working towards ensuring that their stoves will comply at the appropriate time.
  • It remains the case, whether or not you are worried about emissions and particulates, that the way you use your stove is far more critical than the stove itself – as we’ve always said, please burn properly-seasoned, dry wood and don’t smoulder it.
  • There will be some kind of ban on the sale of small quantities of wet or unseasoned logs. We would always recommend either buying your wood in bulk to home-season, or kiln-dried for immediate use.
  • Councils will enjoy greater powers to ensure the responsible use of wood burning stoves. This won’t affect you if your stove is properly installed and you use it appropriately.

In short, stoves are still a safe, fabulous and ecologically-sound way of heating your home. The new criteria are designed to enhance all of these positive aspects of wood-burning. There is nothing to panic about. Please continue to enjoy your wood-burning stove!