Gas stoves

Although it's not our area of specialisation, many of our wood burning stove brands also make incredibly stylish and efficient gas stoves.So for those who would like the look of a stove, but without the effort and logistics of wood acquisition, storage and transport, a gas stove is a great alternative...

Chesney's make gas versions of their Beaumont and Salisbury stoves, in two sizes.Chesney's Gas Beaumont stove in black

ivory Chesneys Beaumont gas stove

Chesneys black Salisbury gas stove

Barbas/Bellfire make a gas version of their classic minimalist Box woodburner in several sizes:

Barbas gas Box 55 stove

Barbas Box Panorama gas stove

as well as the well-established line of Bellfire gas fires, like the amazing double-sided Tunnel:

Bellfire gas Tunnel fire

We also sell traditional and modern gas stoves from Gazco and Hunter.

Cream Huntingdon gas stove

Gazco Loft gas stove



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