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Heat pumps and wood burning stoves: the future for domestic heating?

With gas boilers set to be phased out of new-build construction by 2025, with the provision of replacement gas appliances being whittled down thereafter in existing properties, there are big questions about how British homes will be heated in the next two or three decades.NIBE air source heat pumps

Heat pumps, whether ground or air-source, are the most likely contenders to fill the gap left by gas boilers, being compatible with wet heating systems and capable of providing domestic hot water. As it happens, some of the best heat pumps on the market are made by NIBE, the parent company of stove-manufacturer Contura. If you are interested in exploring the possibility of installing a heat-pump system, get in touch with us and we can facilitate a comprehensive advice and estimate process with one of NIBE's own installation teams.

Because they run at relatively low temperatures to provide a steady source of heating, most heat-pump systems lack the versatility to compensate for the heat loss from poorly insulated buildings (so to qualify for the RHI, you must insulate your home first), or sometimes to provide palpable heat on the coldest evenings and days of the year. For this reason, we think that, more than ever, wood burning stoves will have a fundamental role to play in discretionary secondary heating, because of their rapid, responsive and efficient delivery of radiant heat exactly when you need it most.Contura stove and two people