Which Stove? ‘Which’ Magazine puts Clearview top of the crop!

In their recent survey of stove users, Which magazine placed Clearview top with 94%, with a 5-star rating across four categories, dropping to 4-stars only on ‘ease of cleaning’, with the next-best rated at 90%, and the laggard at 70%.


Only users of big-name brands were polled, so the 70%-plus scores are relatively unsurprising: most modern stoves perform pretty well, and, as we’ve noted before, most people only ever have one stove and tend to be delighted with what they have.

However, the poll bears out our experience that not only are Clearview the best and most popular stoves, but that those who have had more than one type of stove nearly always prefer Clearview.

Clearview stove

Of the categories polled, Clearview earned a solid five stars for build quality, durability, ease of use and value for money.

It’s worth pointing out, too, that unlike many lists of ‘best stoves’, this one had no input from the manufacturers and wasn’t based on often quite meaningless sales figures, performance statistics or sponsored involvement; Clearview had no idea that they were being rated at all until they saw the results, with which they were delighted, but unsurprised, as they bear out their strapline ‘the wood burning stove – perfected.’

We find that time and again, customers prefer Clearview for their unparalleled controllability, clarity of fireview, turndown ratio and the excellent build quality that allows them to perform beautifully and effortlessly, and stay pristine for decades.

If you would like to see what makes Clearview Stoves so special, please pop in and see us – we carry the full range in stock with nearly all the models and colours on display.

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