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Deeper, wider, hotter - the sensational new 5kW Chilli Penguin, the Stock Cube, goes the distance.

We've just taken delivery of a Chilli Penguin Stock Cube, and it's already a favourite - easy to light, easy to control and delivering furnace-like heat. Unlike the latest iteration of Chilli Penguin's standard models, the Stock Cube is not double-glazed, but the cleanburn is the best we've seen from them yet, with the glass staying crystal clear over hours of burning, with just a few smudges to wipe off in the morning.

We opted for a showroom model in 'Seal-grey', which is quite a popular colour option, and with a supplementary plinth/logstore. There's a generously-sized firebox, designed to comfortably accept 300mm logs, and the stove is considerably more substantial than its older sibling, the multifuel Short Penguin, being wider, deeper and taller. The view from the front:

The new-style vertical Penguin handle is deployed on this stove, giving strong, confident latching. It was a little stiff to start with, but is easing with use. Except when the stove is extremely hot, the hollow barrel of the handle stays cool enough to use without gloves, and it fits the hand nicely.

Air-control is simple, with a single in-and-out rod below the door, and the Penguin symbol on the front is, on this stove, just a badge, not the swivelling turbo-booster of the other Penguin models. The flue outlet is the standard 5".

One of the impressive features of the Stock Cube is the distance-to-combustibles at the rear, which, when deployed in conjunction with insulated twinwall flue, is a mere 150mm, which opens up a range of applications beyond installation in a fireplace without the need for a supplementary rear heat shield.

All in all, we've found it to be a robust and ruggedly handsome beast, and definitely a candidate to consider if you're looking for a high-performing, power-packed 5kW stove. Price-wise, it's pitched in the same ballpark as the Clearview Pioneer, Chesney's Salisbury 5 or Contura's 51L, and with its optimal performance and a fairly unique set of Penguineered idiosyncracies, it makes a compelling and differentiated competitor.

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