The best way to cook a steak sandwich on your woodburning stove

Use our simple stove-top panini press to make the perfect steak sandwich

Contura Display Sale

We're clearing the decks for an all-new display line-up, hence some massive discounts! Great savings on six ex-display Contura classics -20 to 30%, only one of each: Contura models 510G, 51L, 710, i4, i5, 810.

How to Brexit-proof your home heating

Our vertiginous self-ejection from the EU is going to make energy supplies inconsistent and unreliable, just like in the late 70's. And now, as then, we can help you keep warm.

On wood burning stoves in literature, the meaning of fire, and the silences in between.

The full essay, redacted without silly jokes.

Dogs love stoves!

A celebration of our other-species companions, because even when you can't be enjoying your stove, they will!

Limited special offer on baskets, available to dogs!

One-off offer to inaugurate our new dog bowl - we're dog-friendly!

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