I want a fire in my house. What are my options?

An overview of the options available for domestic wood-burning

Why Pumice is the best lining material for a new chimney

Guest blog post by John Read of Schiedel Chimneys, with excellent diagrams of the DM flue system

Gas stoves

Following a rash of enquiries, we thought we'd put out a reminder that we do sell gas stoves and fires too!

So you thought the sandwich was a British invention? You have obviously never heard of panini...

Literally incredible factoids on sandwiches, paninis and hot cross buns

New this spring in the showroom: indoor plants

They're beautiful, good for your home and good for you, and the natural companions to wood burning stoves.

Chilli Penguin: on display

We have four of the fabulous Chilli Penguin range on display in our showroom.

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