Type of appliance

Nominal heat output




Flue diameter

Fuel type

Clearance to combustibles at side

Clearance to combustibles at rear


Thatched property guidance

While it is possible to install wood burning stoves in many thatched properties, it is essential to take every possible precaution to prevent roof fires. Very specific guidelines have been introduced regarding the evacuation of flue gases from combustion appliances in thatched properties, and specialist advice should always be sought. For years, we have made HETAS' excellent & well-illustrated guide for 'Chimneys in Thatched Properties' available to our customers, but unfortunately this has been removed to their password-only Technical area, as apparently it is deemed too technical for lay-people; they are working on a simplified, but hopefully not simplistic, version for public consumption, which we will share when it becomes available. In the meantime, contact us with your questions, and we will do our best to shed as much light as possible on the arcana of fitting stoves in thatched properties...