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Where possible, a chimney should always be lined when a wood burning or multifuel stove is installed, because it is the best way to ensure the safe enjoyment and easy operation of the stove for years to come. For more information please see our FAQs page.

We offer two grades of top quality stainless steel liner – 316 or 904-L - depending upon which types of fuels you intend to burn on your stove. The liner is sometimes insulated, either with loose-fill Leca, or - in large chimneys - using high temperature Rockwool ‘wraps’. 

Lining not only ensures the integrity of the flue that is evacuating the smoke from your home, but increases the flue draught, and helps to prevent the potentially dangerous condensation of flue gases inside your chimney. An insulated stainless steel liner warms up quickly, enabling you to light your stove quickly and easily. 

With fixed joints between the liner and any rigid flue components, a strong, integrated flue system can be established from stove to chimney terminal, allowing you to safely and responsibly enjoy your stove to the full.

The chimney will typically be sealed using a horizontal register plate at the top of the fireplace opening. This prevents any heat loss from the room up the chimney, as well as retaining the insulating materials within and helping to keep your fireplace safe and clean by eliminating falling dust and debris.

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