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If you want a wood burning stove but don’t have a chimney, we can provide the Chimaster twinwall flue components to suit your requirements, for self-fit or for fitting by one of our recommended HETAS installers.

 Installing an insulated twinwall stainless steel chimney is the simplest, most cost-efficient flue solution. A twinwall chimney is made from rigid stainless steel fluepipe manufactured with an inch or more of insulation sandwiched between an inner and outer steel skin. Modular components of varying lengths and including bends, supports, flashings and inspection chambers, are assembled to provide a fully-integrated flue between your wood burning stove and a safe terminus above roof height. A twinwall chimney (or 'flue') can be installed either internally, rising up through the building and out of the roof, or it can pass through the external wall and up the outside of the building. The height of the chimney will depend on its position relative to the roof and other parts of the building.

If you would prefer not to see too much fluepipe above the stove, then a false chimney breast can be built to conceal it, and to provide a more traditional appearance.

Alternatively, we also supply pumice liners for use in the construction of brick chimneys. For more examples of twinwall flues, have a look at our gallery.

For some further thoughts on the pros and cons of internal vs external flue systems, click here.

If you're wondering which kind of stove will work best with your twinwall flue, click here.

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