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Clearview stoves

An overview

Clearview stoves are justifiably renowned for their simplicity, reliability, durability, high performance and for the outstanding clarity of the fire through the wide glazed door.

The workmanship that goes into every stove is evident at a glance, and Clearview’s quality control is second to none. Their stoves are designed and built to be used exhaustively and to last for decades.

The product range has a stove for every situation, based around four key models (left to right below): the 5kW Pioneer, the 8kW Vision, the 12kW Clearview 650, and the 750, which can deliver a massive 14kW in heat output.

Among a variety of practical options, the smaller stoves benefit from a choice of leg lengths or integral log stores, and the larger stoves can be supplied with plinths.

Clearview stoves benefit from:

  • Large Clearview double-glazed windows.
  • Cast-iron doors with fully-adjustable hinges and door catch to maintain air tightness.
  • Robust steel construction – welded inside and out for strength and durability.
  • Proprietary Clearview clean-burning, high-efficiency hot air wash system.
  • Highly controllable up- and down-draught air distribution system.
  • Refractory lining, for clean combustion and prolonged stove life.
  • Large hot plate surface for pots or kettles.
  • Multi-fuel flexibility, for wood or coal burning.
  • Rotary grate for easy riddling (smaller models only).
  • Stainless steel ash pan for easy ash removal.
  • Optional top or rear flue outlets.
  • Removable handle and metal fittings in solid brass or brushed chrome.

Specialised stoves within the range consist of the Solution stoves, the inset stove and the Pioneer Oven.

The Clearview Solutions are ‘convection stoves’ which can sometimes be deployed in such sensitive locations as backing onto wooden walls or in proximity to electrical equipment.

Although most Clearview stoves can be retrofitted with a boiler option, the Solution 500SB has been specifically designed as a boiler stove, achieving rare levels of performance in this most elusive of synergies.

The Vision inset stove has been developed to slot neatly into the narrow confines of a standard British fireplace opening with the minimum of structural disruption.

The Pioneer Oven is the stove of choice for real pioneers who don’t need just warmth, flickering flames and a boiled kettle, but a casserole and baked potato too!

Our two most popular stoves are the Vision and the Pioneer, of which we fit hundreds every year. We stock an extensive selection of Clearview models and colours in the showroom, many of which are connected to flues, ready to fire up in an instant. Customers are always encouraged to come and experience the magic of Clearview stoves first-hand and to decide which model might suit their needs best.