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Contura is the largest stove manufacturer in Sweden and leads the field in Nordic stove technology and manufacture.

A selection of Contura wood burning stoves


Contura 810 and 750 wood burning stoves

Contura specialise in free-standing feature stoves - stoves built to be an integral module of your home design rather than a niche appliance to be stuffed in a fireplace. As a result, the safety protection normally afforded by fireplace masonry is instead built into the stove, ensuring that the heat is thrown out of the front rather than the back and sides. Conturas can thus back onto wooden or plasterboard walls with much shorter safety clearances than their more conventional competitors.

At first the full extent of their stove range and various options can seem bewildering - this is a result of their desire to have a stove for all requirements. Reliability, ease of use and high efficiency are all hallmarks of Contura stoves.

Their tall barrel-shaped stoves slot seamlessly into any contemporary open-plan idiom and a plethora of heat-retaining claddings and multi-purpose options – pedestals, ovens, logstores etc. - make them ripe for personalisation.

Equally popular here in the UK are their smaller cast-iron stoves (previously branded Handol), which are power-packed yet tidy-sized, while retaining the positional versatility of their larger siblings. Additionally, Contura offer a range of minimalist ‘masonry stoves’ and inset stoves, and their newer 700 and 800-series stoves are designed to re-interpret the earlier 500 and 600s for installation in more compact, modern and well-insulated homes.

Contura’s expansive range of efficient modern stoves is rigorously researched and tested at their enormous complex in Markaryd, Sweden, where manufacture, quality control, research & development and marketing are all conducted by what is effectively a vast community of stove enthusiasts (nearly all the residents of the town work for NIBE, the parent company). Tremendous pride is taken in their scientific approach to product development and the high efficiency of their thoroughly modern stove factory, a pride that is vindicated not only in the excellence of their products but also by their rapidly growing share of the European stove market and reflected in the consistently strong financial performance of NIBE (NJBB:GR).

Contura i4 and 11 wood burningn stoves

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